The Original Crush Cocktail

Frequently asked questions

What's in an Lemon Dewey Crush?

We take premier vodka and triple sec and blend it with real fresh crushed lemon juice and a splash with lemon-lime soda. It's all natural with no preservatives.

Is Dewey Crush gluten free?

Yes! Dewey Crushes are free of the 8 top allergens including gluten.

Is Dewey Crush a sletzer?

Heck no! A Dewey Crush is a premium crafted, spirit-based cocktail. It certainly is not a malt-liquor based seltzer!

Why no nutrition info on the label?

Well, because it's a cocktail and not a beer or seltzer. Most canned cocktails do not include nutrition information.

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Kane Brown - Country Music Superstar

"Dewey Crush has been a hit with my friends at every stop on tour and is definitely my band's new favorite drink!"

Dale Lomas - Owner, Atlantic Liquors

You can buy a pre-made vodka and seltzer and they are never quite the same as the ones you would make at home. Dewey Crush is about the closest thing I've every experiend to the real thing.

Joe Mujica - GM, Kelly's Logan House

Dewey Crush is the first canned cocktail to become popular among our regulars at Kelly's Logan House in Delware.