We took all of this goodness and put it into a can

Because we don't believe Summer Should Have a Last Call!

Look. When it comes to Dewey Beach, if you know, you know.

Those legendary days spent hanging out on the beach with your crew, or taking in some live music at the bars. And of course, those epic nights spent reveling with friends at The Starboard - the source of our inspiration. When the concept of Dewey Crush was just a twinkle in our eye, it was the vibe, atmosphere, and energy of The Starboard that gave us the motivation to fully hatch our canned cocktail plan.

We wanted to make something that captured the essence of East Coast summers. Something that you could take home that'd spark an amazing memory from an unforgettable summer. A drink that you could share with friends and family to make new moments.Ever wanted to bottle a moment? Well, we did the next best thing and canned it. So you can enjoy the taste of summer wherever you are.


this is who we are...

A collection of Delaware and Dewey Beach natives, product inovators, brand agents and technologists, all aligned with the common goal of making Summer 365 days a year.

Inspired by the beach, formulated at the iconic Starboard Restaurant in Dewey Beach - Summer Shouldn't Have a Last Call!