Over Memorial Day Weekend the authentic flavor of summer in Dewey Beach officially hit shelves in Delaware.

Jarret Stopforth and the rest of the team at Dewey Beverage Inc. have been working for more than nine months to capture the refreshing experience of orange, ruby red grapefruit, and watermelon crushes in a convenient can you can take just about anywhere. Stopforth says, “Dewey Crush is all about capturing the experience and essence of East Coast summers. We wanted to be able to recreate those memories and moments wherever you are, so we canned the taste of summer!”

Over the last year, the concept of travel has shifted, with more Americans than ever vacationing domestically due to restrictions. Incidentally, it was on a staycation in Delaware that Stopforth fell in love with Dewey Beach, The Starboard, and the iconic Orange Crush. He started thinking about the possibility of having that flavor in an accessible can he could take anywhere. The concept of Dewey Crush was born and product development began in September of 2020.

Since the Starboard was such a point of inspiration, Steve “Monty” Montgomery, owner of The Starboard Restaurant, was approached in early 2021, to ask if he would allow his famous Starboard logo to appear on the can.

“While we aren’t in business with Dewey Crush,” Montgomery explains, “the idea that the team wanted to pay homage to the Starboard with the logo on the can was really awesome. The Starboard is synonymous with Dewey Beach, just like the orange, grapefruit, and watermelon crushes are our official summer flavors. So we were honored by the nod!”

The crushes are packaged in 12-ounce slim cans in packs of four, and variety packs of 12 containing all three flavors. They will initially launch only in Delaware stores and are looking to move into the surrounding states over the next few months.

The Delaware roots make this beverage special to those who hold Dewey Beach and The Starboard near and dear to their hearts, and now, we have another fun innovation to brag about.

So if you’re ready to crush this summer season, grab a pack of Dewey Crush and hit your favorite pool, beach, or summer gathering with some of the headiest drink vibes to come out of the Delaware Seashore. For more information please visit or look for Dewey Crush in your local liquor store.