Dewey Life™

Picture this: it's an absolute stunner of a summer's day. The mercury is high, not a cloud in the sky and the sun is winking off the ocean waves - perfect conditions as you roll into Dewey Beach with your crew. You spend an epic day on the beach, alternating between relaxing under a beach umbrella or stretched out in the sun. Maybe a game of volleyball? Perhaps a dip in the water? Either way, you're having the best day surrounded by your favorite people. The day starts to wind down. Shadows lengthen and someone suggests happy hour. Actually, a drink is exactly what you need. What's the first place you think of? That's right: The Starboard.

We thought exactly the same thing and couldn't be more honored to proudly bear their logo. The heart and soul of Dewey Beach and the iconic home of The Crush in Delaware.

Please enjoy responsibly friends!